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Business trip a true story

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This is a true story that happened on a business trip 25 yrs ago.  I am married with 2 k**s and very deep in the closet since I've been 15 when I found my love for cock and cum,  God only knows why I got married, but back then it was the thing to do. ,  I am not a big guy either in size or cock.  I got a new job when I was in my late 30's where I traveled for 2 weeks and home for a month.  It made me happy I was able to play and not worry about getting found out.  When I traveled I either hosted in my room if I traveled alone or traveled if I… Read more

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Kristin part 2

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So, after the first time with Kristin we continued to communicate and decided to meet again. I said this time I would like to actually see the spot he described for nude hang out. We were to meet in another parking lot and drive over together. I get there first and sure enough in comes Kristin’s car. He parks nearby gets out and gets into my car. Only I can’t believe it, he’s dressed as a girl. And he looks kind of good. But I sense something different. He has a blond wig, makeup, and red lipstick, white blouse with a red bra that showed boobs. He also had a short skirt and thigh high stockin… Read more

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CHAPTER 8: CELEBRATING I was lying on Robert after a fuck that felt comfortable and pain-free. Ever since I returned from that weekend, I had an overwhelming need to have them back inside me but I did so one at a time. Each time the pain, especially my nipples, clit, and cunt opening, became less. This time it was gone. It almost didn’t really sink into me, I had just enjoyed it so much and the orgasms he gave me weren’t diminished by residual pain. I ended up on top of him, having ridden him cowgirl facing him when… Read more

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Remote Control Stepsister


Just a bit of fun this time, purely fictional. Like most mornings I’m up making my stepbrother and myself breakfast before we head out to the University. It’s his first year and my third, our parents only willing to pay if we went local and stayed at home. That surely made things easy but there is always more of a price to pay. One of those is my pervy stepbrother, if not sneaking peeks at me it’s jacking off in my used panties as I’ve caught him at both many times. I love the little fucker or I’d tell my dad and he’d be history and hey as there’s really no harm done I’d hate that. God knows… Read more

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Aunty Jane's Lover


This is one I wrote as Tia Lascivo. It's published on Smashwords - along with several other scenes/stories. One He calls me Aunty Jane. Even now. After everything. Habit, I guess. Something hard-wired into his brain. I told him he didn’t need to use the appellation any more, said it was weird. But he just can’t shake it. Is it an issue? Not at all. To tell the truth, I like hearing him say it in the heat of the moment. I first noticed my nephew as a man, and a good-looking man at that, when I shared a holiday villa with my sister’s family during the summer. When I saw Adam bare-che… Read more

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Wife Drunk in the Hotel

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This is a true story that happened a few months ago. My name’s Dave I’m 52 and Sarah my wife is 51, we have 2 daughters both away at University. We have been married for 25 years and she has always been faithful to me. I however have always wanted to watch her with another man. It turns me on even thinking about it but I know there’s no chance of it ever happening. She’s a one man Woman is always her answer. So I’ve settled for taking photographs of her and posting them online to amateur sites. Sarah hasn’t lost her looks she’s blonde, 5’7, 34C boobs and 12 stone with a slight mummy belly. She… Read more

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The perfect hand job.


We’re together in our bedroom. I’m naked. I watch her slip her tiny pastel pink panties down her long, slender, honey tanned legs. I feel my penis start to rise as I enjoy the view of her big breasts swinging sensuously and the lightly furred mound between her luscious legs. I take her by her waist, pull her gently toward me so her belly is against mine and her breasts are against my chest. We kiss. I slide my hand down her soft smooth front and cup my hand over her mound, easing my fingers between her legs. I like the feel of her coarse pubic hair against my palm. I stroke her love slit with… Read more

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A meeting in Leather - Part 13.

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"Spit roasted on the breakfast table." #English translation - A sequel to: - Or start at the beginning: Dave and I drove around the area. It was a beautiful summer day, but you could tell that the summer was slowing down. So I was happy that I was wearing my new Leather Motor Jacket over a white shirt with long sleeves. And we had Leather Jeans on, a Jock strap and cowboy boots. Dave was w… Read more

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A close friends question

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My friend Debra knew my sex life with my husband is very active, and thought that if anyone could answer he question I could. I was at hime and she popped in for a coffee! As we was drinking it she turned to me and said, ‘have you ever had piss play with your husband’ I almost chocked on my coffee and blurted our “what.!” She looked at me and said the her by wanted to try piss play but she wasn’t sure on it. I was a little embarrassed if I’m honest and said “if you don’t like it, don’t do it.” She tolld me she really wanted to, and after the night she spent with us it’s something she really… Read more

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Melanie and Rose

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At a friend’s party I was introduced to Melanie and Rose, they were both mid-fifties, very well kept and slim. They had both retired early, brought everything to Spain and were enjoying, what they called, their new life, and had been doing so for about 5 years. The three of us got on so well we arranged to go out for dinner the following weekend, we picked a very nice restaurant, agreed a time and everything was settled. On the evening I arrived first and waited in the bar for the women to arrive. Their entrance was a little flamboyant as they were well know, as I was (but less so), to the re… Read more

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Mom's Thong

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It feels weird when your mom looks good in a thong. It feels even weirder when you are pulling that thong away from your mother's tan-lined ass-crack and sliding your own hard cock up into her dripping wet pussy. I think I better start at the beginning. It had been about a year since I had last seen anyone in my family, my neighbourhood or my hometown. I had taken a job in New York that kept me pretty busy throughout the year. My time away from either my office or my apartment was just enough to enjoy an evening at a nightclub or bar with some guys from work or friends. Jaunts to the old fam… Read more

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Wife Joins a Club Cuckold

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During our 15 years of marriage, we've been very open with each other sexually. We watch porn movies, pictures, erotic stories and telling each other our fantasies. Eight months ago, we decided to open up our sex life and seek out others to join us for sex. I always had a fantasy of seeing my wife being fucked by another man or men, and we decided to join a swingers club. Two clubs were in our area, 3 and 5 miles away. We decided to try the closest one first, and contacted Jerry and Barbara, the host and hostess for a meeting to find out what they offered. Barbara was a very beautiful, tall, c… Read more

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CockSuckers don't get Kisses

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My wife, Suzy, is a great lady, 38 years old, she is gorgeous in face and body. I love her hairy pussy, which she maintains very bushy for appearance and my dining pleasure. Her black hair is beautiful on both her head and pubes. I lick and suck her sweet cunt nearly every day, and fuck her almost as often. She loves my cock, both in her mouth and in her pussy. We have a very loving marriage. We have occasionally delved into swapping, and she enjoyed another man's cock, but made sure I understood she was mine and mine alone. We have no c***dren, so entertaining these fuck parties is no big de… Read more

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Family re-union


What a sight she was, tall and lovely, naked except for the shoes and sunglasses. My mother, long black hair pinned up, huge sunglasses, her jet-black pubic bush razored to a precise strip as she skirted the edge of the pool, moving carefully on those precipitous heels. We both looked up at the same time, the peck of mum’s shoes on the tiles bringing our heads up simultaneously. Dad had been reading while I’d been thinking about nothing at all, just laid out on the sun lounger enjoying the sun on my skin. “Hello, boys,” said my mother, posing for effect, fists on her hips. She turned the le… Read more

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Sleepover Part 1


Lisa was in a rush this morning as she had work experience and on leaving the house reminded me that her friend Kirsty was coming over later for a sleepover, I had a few errands to run in town but told her not to worry as she ran out the house. I had never met Kirsty as she moved away but Lisa had always kept in touch with her. I took a quick shower and threw on my usual shorts and tee shirt thinking I had better get moving as Kirsty was coming in from out of town and I had promised Lisa I would be home this afternoon for when she arrived. It was only a short walk into town if I took the short… Read more

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Riverside walk

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Off work and bored I decided to have a gentle meander down by the local river. I parked the car in the car park and set off along the towpath, it wasn't long before I started feeling a bit horny. The footpath is quite open, not a lot of cover, and you can see people coming for quite a distance so I decided to pull my cock out from my tracky bottoms, it was nice feeling the breeze on my balls. In the distance I could see a couple of people walking their dogs I went to a picnic table on the grass and decided to let them pass. As they approached I noticed the 2 females, 1 slightly older than the… Read more

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My grandma and me


I admit it. I once was in love with my grandma. Or better said, hard for her. It was quite some years ago. I was barely out of school, she around sixty. And a widow for the better part of a decade. And yes, she liked it hard. And yes, there was a certain period in our lives when we fucked each other like some a****ls. At every possibility. For a while. No, we are not together any more. But what happened is still our little dirty secret. Back to that point in time were it all began. I was a fresh high school drop out. On the hunt for job. Something with a perspective. With the chance of buildi… Read more

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Mom’s Cock-Jamun With Neighbor Aunty

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introducing the character of my story. My mother is so hot bombshell with good asset aged 39 years. she has big boob size of 34DD. Ass is so big that any one fall in love with this big round ass. she always wear saree along with blouse and petticoat. All the society member lust on my mom whenever she goes out of house because… Read more

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Mom Gets Double Penetration In Her Bedroom

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This incident happened so long ago. Due to my innocent nature, i couldn’t understand about what incident was that at that time. But, I realize it now as i am so mature teenager now. My family has four member. my father, mother ,elder sister and me.My father works in one government research worker at laboratory. my sister is studying in 12th when this incident take place. My mother is housewi… Read more

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Turtoring The Thompson’s

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The Thompson’s were the couple directly behind me. Although they’ve lived there for a few years I really didn’t know too much about them and nothing like the couple before them. Not regulars by any means but here and there we’d play together, the wife had the most wonderful big clitty. Anyway I was messing around out back pulling weeds when a voice came through the fence asking if I had a tool of sorts, I don’t remember now what it was. Even if I did recall the odds are I wouldn’t know what it was but also the odds were my husband owned one. So I invited him to come over and look for himsel… Read more

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