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I was not supposed to do that

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It was going to be my first time being shared by two men. I had been looking for this to be set up for a long time and now it was finally going to happen. This guy who I had been chatting with found another man that had the same interests of banging a CD all night. I was so grateful to the him for finding someone I promised him I would let him have me to himself as a reward and he could have me first. We planned on meeting a week from the time he told me about the other man. The other man emailed me to confirm that was going to happen with a photo and kind words. During the weeks prior to thi… Read more

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My Vacation with Gabika #6


Chapter 6. <b style="font-style: italic;">Gabika’s secrets revealed. There is no doubt - Gabika is different. But what made her so different?<b style=""> We went to bathe in the river Tizsa in a village called V***********. Funny how difficult to pronounce foreign names are ever so long. Anyhow, it seems that this is a major attraction in the area, I wonder why. We bathed in the river and in some health spa, and sang on the banks of the river dressed in bathing suits and towels and with no amplifiers. It was just some 20 km. from the hotel. It was such fun to see Bohunka danc… Read more

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No touching


I caught her eye across the room. Kerrie was in mid discussion with someone. Talking music and drums I imagine. I look at her, enjoying her figure, as she moves from foot to foot and participates in the discussion. Do they know what she isn’t wearing I wonder? Moving further around the room I place myself in her line of sight so that I catch her eye. Smiling I deliberately let my eyes rove over her body. She smiles and moves slightly so that I am more front on, still talking she turns slightly and shows me her silhouette. Lovely figure, nice breasts and tight butt very tidy. Daring a little,… Read more

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Eve at the car wash

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                                                                   Eve at the car wash At 52 Eve was still a sexy looking woman who turned heads no matter where she was and she knew it . As with most women young twenty year old hunks always made Eve look twice. So whe… Read more

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Return to Puerto Banus

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Only when we are lucky enough to be away from home do we really get the opportunity to indulge in my wife's exhibitionistic behaviour. Once we discovered our mutual enjoyment of her desire to be admired by strangers, with my encouragement, she has become quite daring over the years. For us there is nothing we both enjoy more than some interaction with some receptive voyeur. Recalling the memories is very much a turn-on for us. This was our second visit to the vibrant town of Puerto Banus in recent years, a paradise for voyeurs and exhibitionists, and partly the reason we had come here again.… Read more

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Open Plan Office


It was summer, and it was hot. I was working in an office in a busy city centre; a bit of a cube farm, with desks in lines just separated by low partitions. Unusually, in my line of work, there were a fair few women working along side me, and one, sat right opposite, was quite young, and very pretty. Long auburn hair, full figure, and beautiful grey-green eyes. She often wore very tight, very short skirts that showed off her nylon clad legs to perfection. On top she would most often wear a business-like white blouse with buttons popping across her amazing, large breasts. Occasionally, she wou… Read more

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My first Blowjob


Recieving my first blowjob. As weeks went by after getting my first handjob from Amanda, the memories of how it felt having her jerking my hard cock and letting my cum shoot onto the stair case stuck in my mind. As well as how it felt to rub her pussy and make her cum. A number of nights with the the thoughts still fresh in my head I stroked my cock cumming a number of time while waiting to have Amanda give me a handjob again. Luckily for it did soon materialize, again at the mall in the basement parking and again I rubbed her pussy making her cum. We did this several time enjoying our young… Read more

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Adventurous Outing

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Kimmy and I have been together for a few years now. When we met she was sexually inexperienced, having not been any men before me. But after a couple years of having a steady boyfriend, she was finding her adventurous side. It started out just trying different positions in the bedroom, but then it extended to discrete touching in movie theaters and restaurants, and then blowjobs in the car on the drive home. I always tried to encourage these steps forward, hinting at fantasies of making a sex tape, or having sex in public places. Kimmy is a 27 year old asian woman with a petite, athletic buil… Read more

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TEARS OF A VAMP Chapters One And Two


(((((Not really an erotic story line. Just an idea for a new book so I thought I'd get feed back on how the beginning might be improved and if you think you want more...))))) Chapter One It was a dark and stormy night... Sorry, I know it's pretty cheesy but I've always wanted to begin a story like that. Over the years I've written many stories. Some for fun, others for money or fame. Sometimes for all three. But never have I written my story. So as cheesy as it may be, my opening is perfectly correct. It was a dark and stormy night that my story begins... Early 21st Centur… Read more

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I Want You to Seduce My Husband Ch. 08

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Hours later, Madeline awoke in her own bed. She wrinkled her nose when she realized she was lying in the "wet spot". That was unusual. Normally Scott, ever the chivalric gentleman, relegated the wet spot for himself, wherever it might be in their bed. Madeline's first reaction was disappointment, but then she smiled at the thought that there even was a wet spot. It meant the week-long dry spell between she and her husband was over! They had made love! Her head was thick with too much drink, thoughts forming slowly. And while she didn't feel hungover, she was glad the curtains were drawn close… Read more

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Wife fills in for Bachelor Party

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My Name is Derek and my wife is Kristy. We have been married for eight years and are both in our early thirties. We had just opened a Party Store where we sell party supplies and put on parties for various groups of people. We have catered parties for local dignitaries, weddings, fundraisers and even the occasional bachelor or bachelorette parties. The business had been very successful so far. We were trying to build a solid reputation as a place you can count on for a great party. We are usually pretty busy and Kristy and I do most of the work. We have to hire temps occasionally to help out… Read more

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I Want You to Seduce My Husband Ch. 07

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Madeline sat on the edge of her couch, eyes brimming with tears that hadn't yet started trickling down her cheek. She looked at her phone, at the message Shelly had just sent her. As the first tear rolled slowly down her cheek, Madeline tapped out her reply. MADDY: I'm not going tonight. SHELLY: What?!? Why not? MADDY: I just can't. SHELLY: Can I come over and talk? MADDY: I think I'd like that. Minutes later, Shelly was sitting at Madeline's kitchen table, fresh cups of hot coffee in front of both of them. "Alright, girlfriend," Shelly stirring sugar into her coffee. "What gives? We ha… Read more

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I Want You to Seduce My Husband Ch. 06

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Sunday morning, the next day, Maddy and Shelly were texting each other on their phones. SHELLY: How did it go last night, girl? MADDY: Don't ask. SHELLY: Oh no! What happened? MADDY: He told me had a headache. Rolled over and went to sleep. SHELLY: Oh, honey, I'm sorry. I guess doing all that housework tired him out. LOL! MADDY: Well, the house was pretty clean, I have to admit. Dishes done, kitchen mopped, bed made, he even changed the bed sheets! MADDY: I just feel like a dumbass. MADDY: taking an extra shower before bed MADDY: putting on my sexiest lingeree SHELLY: Which one? MAD… Read more

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I Want You to Seduce My Husband Ch. 05

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Bzzzzzzt. Bzzzzzzt. Madeline felt, rather than heard the soft buzzing, as her phone vibrated quietly. An incoming text! The three of them - herself, her son Tommy and her mother - were on their way back home after an afternoon of hiking and playing at the party. Tommy was in the back seat, eyelids heavy and his head just starting to nod sleepily. 'Finally,' she thought. Glancing at her Mom in the driver's seat, to make sure she wasn't watching - Mother had already commented on how frequently Madeline had been looking at her phone - Madeline opened her text messaging app. SHELLY: We moved… Read more

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I Want You to Seduce My Husband Ch. 04

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Apologies, Dear Reader. Sometimes I need to pay the bills, and that takes me away from my love of writing erotica. I promise I'll always come back - and there is a lot more to tell in this particular story: Seduce My Husband. Here's the next installment. Recap: When Madeline's husband was drawing the attention of all the "single moms" at the Little League field, Madeline became worried. She concocted a plan for she and her son to be out of the house for an entire Saturday, and to have her BFF Shelly visit the house while her husband Scott was home alone. Madeline knew Shelly to be a shameles… Read more

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I Want You to Seduce My Husband Ch. 03

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Hey, look... a third installment in a series! I've never made it that far before. I'm trying REALLY HARD to continue one series, rather than starting a new series. This after one of my "gentle readers" commented that I don't have a good track record continuing a plot line. Guilty, as charged. Confession time: I have sexual ADHD and am constantly distracted by the next story that pops in my head. But don't worry, I do plan to go back and add to those other works, and I have a folder full of other ideas to explore. But I'll focus on Shelly and Scott for a bit longer. There's a lot more story the… Read more

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I Want You to Seduce My Husband Ch. 02

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This story immediately picks up where "I want you to seduce my husband - Ch 01" left off. Shelly and Scott pretty much go right at it, so if you want the background, go check out chapter 1! I do read your comments, every one of them. Even from my anonymous "fans". I appreciate all the comments you give me, good and bad - you help me grow as a writer. Thank you! ***** ***** Shelly stood up, turned around, and walked toward the front door. It was a slow, sensual walk, one in which her hips swayed seductively side-to-side. And although she wore loose fitting sweatpants, there was simply no dis… Read more

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I Want You to Seduce My Husband Ch. 01

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"Well, here he comes," Madeline said, her voice dripping with both sarcasm and annoyance. "Mr. Popularity." Madeline nodded to the far end of the Little League field. Her best friend, Michelle, followed Madeline's gaze. She immediately spotted Maddy's husband, Scott. It was hard not to. He was a stand-out in any crowd: tall, tan, and ruggedly handsome. Today he was dressed in jeans, t-shirt, and a Red Sox baseball hat. Shelly soon saw what Maddy meant when she referred to him as "Mr. Popularity". Scott was warmly greeted by the small crowd of parents and grandparents sitting along the third… Read more

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Fucking my Friend's Wife

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This story came about from a fellow I worked with whose wife so appealed to me I wanted her immediately. Although she treated me very warmly, even kissed me on occasion, there was no hint of lust in her actions. I will always wonder 'what if?' but this is one of those occurrences in life best left alone. I, Jeff, am a single guy with a six-figure income job at an aggressive company. I have worked there for five years and love my job. I seldom date because most of the available women are just not my type. And I find them bossy, whiny and overly interested in themselves. The only exception is P… Read more

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Car Park Encounter


A chance encounter in a quiet car park, as seen from both sides ! I’d love to know what people think of my fiction. ************************************************************************************************************************* June and her hubby were a devoted couple who'd been together since they'd first met as teenagers. Fit and attractive, they were looked every inch a model, middle-class couple with two, well behaved c***dren. Outwardly everything looked as close to ideal as most of us could wish for. But, privately, there was a little dark cloud overhead in their lives. As w… Read more

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