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First Time Porn Stories


First TimeInterracial SexMature

Some time ago while taking a college history course I was researching some of our founding fathers. While it was very interesting, it was at the same time, a bit boring. I was hoping to find some juicy details of their personal lives, but other than some offhand comments about their sexual proclivities (Ben Franklin commented to a younger friend that "all cats are grey in the dark" meaning a pussy is pussy no matter the color of the skin) and a few others that perhaps made hardly a mention in the history books. While it's well known that Thomas Jefferson had slaves, it's also surmised that he… Read more

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First TimeGroup SexHardcore

I'm not sure what I am now but I do know I'm happy being me. When I was younger I would cruise magazine racks looking at the girly magazines. I'd stand there leafing through them, looking at the tits and butts till I would start to get hard. Or until someone from the store would remind me that the magazines are for sale. I'd usually have to buy one and go home . Then, when I would get home I'd invariably go to my room, close the door and jerk off to the one I bought. I soon had a stack of the dirty magazines under my bed that I would jack off to daily. Youth being what youth is, I never seemed… Read more

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Tabby Cat

First TimeInterracial SexFetish

I had just returned from the West Indies where I had a really good time. My last night there had been with two pretty girls who really liked threesomes with on this occasion me making up the third. Sandy had long straight hair with which she used to rub sun tan oil into my penis. All the time she was doing this Val was rubbing her large soft boobs into my chest and that was just the start. What’s more the trip was business and the pleasure was a bonus Let me introduce myself, my name is Robert Penn and my job is to design and install computer data centres as a consultant. Sex apart the job wa… Read more

Posted by amadeus281 1 day ago 2,655 100%

Damsel in Distress

BDSMFirst Time

The knock came late at night. Three nervous taps on the flat door, followed a few moments later by three taps that are more urgent. Well at least that proved that it wasn’t k**s playing “Knocky hi-door”. I got up from the computer and headed for the front door, a little nervous and to be honest not a little unafraid. I peeked through the spyglass and to my surprise saw standing outside my next-door neighbour Annie Booker, she was hopping from foot to foot and had a light coat tightly clutched about her. I brushed the crumbs of crisps and crackers off the shelf of my belly and quickly spit slic… Read more

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First TimeLesbian Sex

When I was a girl, so many, many years ago, we had to make our own amusement and at a country house weekend (or Howz as mother would insist it be pronounced) party games were all quite the thing. In that particular year, somewhere in the late 20’s or early 30’s, sardines was the craze of the moment, all harmless innocent fun they would say, though to be honest, as so few of them were it was really for a few cheap thrills for the dirty old men and the frustrated old spinsters. The game as I remember, called for one of us to run off somewhere in the house and find a hiding place, the others then… Read more

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Poke-Her Night

First TimeGroup SexAnal

I actually was thrilled to hear that my husband was invited to a poker game with what I only could assume were friends. He was the best ever father and hubby who put us above everything. Now with the k**s grown it was high time he took some self engorging time. Not that there was a problem but after that first game he came refreshed and with a higher lust for life. Again not that l had anything to complain about but we made love like teenagers once again, but now aged with no shame. Two more games bought the same response only better, it was then I was told the next game was here at our pla… Read more

Posted by Bfarr 2 days ago 2 7,278 97%

My New Hobby PT2

FetishInterracial SexFirst Time

I'm a bad girl, my hobby in College was turning small dick white guys into ass loving cocksucking faggot's with the help of my roommate Josh. Josh is gay and loves to turn small dick white boy's into faggot's for Big Black Cocks with the help of his 9inch cock. "Hey babe" Kayla says kissing me. "You know my roommate Josh?" "Yeah what about him?" "Well you know how he just broke up with his boyfriend? Well... he thinks you're kind of hot. Would you have sex with him and let me watch?" I pause and think, staring yet again at this sexy body that I know can make me do anything. "Yeah I gue… Read more

Posted by 425olds 2 days ago 1 1,558 100%

Peeping tom part three

FetishFirst TimeVoyeur

I was hooked and now paid attention to every movement my neighbor made. It had only been a couple of nights since I last watched her but I had to see more. I found myself waiting and watching out the window to see when she would come home. For the next three days she never got home until after one in the morning and immediately her apartment would go dark. By the fourth night I was gust about to give up. But I was obsessed with what I had seen and I had to see more. That night when I saw her drive up I immediately snuck out the back window and found a good spot to watch what I witnessed was… Read more

Posted by Bamblnk 2 days ago 2 1,989 87%

A surprise quickie at the ladies room (Part 1)

First TimeVoyeurHardcore

By Dina Petro Leaving the office I work in, I walked into a bar during happy hour, in the afternoon, it wasn’t busy at all, I was dressed in a black formal suit of a knee high skirt and a jacket, a white button up shirt with high nylon stockings. I sat at a table, ordered a drink, at a nearby table there was a couple chatting, the guy was a great looking, handsome young man of late teens or early twenties, the woman was an older one in her thirties, and she was good looking too, dressed in sexy clothes as well. The guy was totally facing me, while the woman was sitting sideways, but she could… Read more

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A surprise quickie at the ladies room (Part 2)

First TimeVoyeurHardcore

By Dina Petro Continued from part 1 of same story I gave him my cell phone saying save your number for me and save mines in your phone, and leave me here, but expect a phone call from me any minute or just an SMS message, if I call you, just listen to my phone, I may do it without her knowledge, clear?” he saved our numbers on our phones, smiled and shook his head, kissed me on the lips and walked out. It was only a few minutes later when what I have expected happened, Tina, Damien’s mother walked into the ladies room, she looked very angry, her whole body was almost trembling, I looked at he… Read more

Posted by Dinadina12 2 days ago 3 1,095 100%

Part time Hooker

VoyeurFirst TimeHardcore

By Dina Petro My Name is Mira, I was in My early twenties when this happened, being a good looking woman, with very sexy body, I had many options by then, my best female friend, Tina, was living a very comfortable life, although her family wasn’t so rich, Tina is a real gorgeous looking girl with super sexy, curvy body, we almost looked alike at that point of time, I did not think of asking her how did she manage to get the money, she was spending like crazy, although she was my best friend, but she had her own secrets here and there, and I respected the boundaries of course. One time we had… Read more

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Losing my virginity, a true story

First TimeTabooMasturbation

This really happened. Giselle was French, fit, beautiful in a Bridget Bardot way, blonde, 26 years old and married. I was still at school, a teenager. I was using my summer holidays to earn money and gain work and life experience working as a waiter in a hotel in Bournemouth. Giselle and her husband were guests in the hotel and I was asked by the head waiter to be their waiter because I spoke a little French. They could speak virtually no English. They were so happy that they had found someone who could just about get by in French and it became a joy to serve at their table every meal time. We… Read more

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My Hobby turning White Boy's Gay

First TimeFetish

I'm a bad girl, my hobby in College was turning small dick white guys into ass loving cocksucking faggot's with the help of my roommate Josh. Josh is gay and loves to turn small dick white boy's into faggot's for Big Black Cocks with the help of his 9inch cock. It was February of my sophomore year of college. I had this girlfriend- let's be real, fuck buddy, who was an absolute nymphomaniac. This girl loved sex, as much as I would give her. Every guy's dream, right? Definitely helped that we were both in our "wild, rebellious college phase." She was absolutely smoking hot: 5' 2", tight, 98 l… Read more

Posted by 425olds 2 days ago 5 1,871 88%

Couple Turns me BI

First TimeGroup Sex

My name is Mike. I've been bicurious for a couple of years now, and finally got the nerve up to look around to make something happen. I didn't really know where to start, so I just posted a listing on craigslist hoping something would come of it. This is what I had to say: 24 yo bi curious M4MW. 6' 185 brown haired, green eyed average guy with a 6" cock looking to try some things in a bi threesome with a fun couple. Must be ddf, hit me up with pics and a reply! I wasn't really sure what I was getting myself into, or if I would even get a reply! As it turned out, didn't have much to worry abou… Read more

Posted by 425olds 2 days ago 1 2,602 100%

Grannies need loving too

MatureTabooFirst Time

I recently had an affair with my grandmother. I know it, don’t judge me. She lived in a distant city and was visiting my family for about a week when it happened. It was nice to see her again and listen while she told stories about the family during the years I was growing up. Grandfather had died a few years earlier so Mom and Dad often invited her to visit us and stay a few days. During this particular visit, Mom and Dad had to attend a special social obligation one evening. Mom asked me to stay with grandmother that evening to keep her company. I agreed, but I preferred hanging out with m… Read more

Posted by ScaredyKat26 2 days ago 7 7,674 98%

Curious Clients 5: Ariel Abused

First TimeMasturbationFetish

Ariel's anal abuse was a wonderful warm sexy successful satisfaction. She still badly needs to pee. However, she finds herself back under the control of Professor Peter. Shyly, she remains silent and wonders which price she will have to pay to get his permission? ... Or in her filthy fantasy, which price she secretly would want to pay so dearly? Ariel is a sweet shy student with sexual obsessions, which is why she consults a friend found in the net, Professor Peter at his Experimental Erotics International Institute. Where she succesfully comes in several sexy situations, including fi… Read more

Posted by Poet-PETER 2 days ago 3 4,440 83%

From Nightmare To Wet Dream (fiction)

Lesbian SexFirst TimeTaboo

After the passing of my husband l couldn’t see another long term relationship let alone getting married again. But as it so happens l found a guy I really liked and after a eight years we were wed. He would of liked for it to had happen far earlier and I might of been good with it too, if not for his daughter. She was the stepdaughter from hell or would of been. So having some separation was a good thing, a very good thing. But as the years went by as did her school years when she was getting set to go off to college we figured that was our time. Her dad was thrilled she decided to go local… Read more

Posted by Bfarr 2 days ago 1,325 92%

Failed Male

FetishFirst Time

My experiences with my first wife, Patti made me accept the truth about my dysfunctional sexuality due to my condition of micro penis. Patti and I were virgins on our wedding night. Of course we wanted to consummate our marriage so we undressed together for the first time, climbed into bed and I lay on top of her and began to try and penetrate her tight virgin cunt with my little 3 inch erection. I don't know if she was aware how tiny my peepee was - as she had no experience with mens' cocks - and I pumped and pumped but could not “find” her cunt and she wouldn’t “guide” me in. I tried for a f… Read more

Posted by littledickwankerjay 2 days ago 2 1,406 100%

On My Day Off

First TimeVoyeurHardcore

By Dina Petro Being a married woman of early thirties, I have no k**s and I spent most of my time and money on making sure my body and looks were fit, especially that I have always been a great looking woman, with gorgeous face, tits and ass, I worked hard on keeping it that way. I am the flirty type of a woman, I love making new friends almost every day, either at work or by chatting on the internet during my free time, I was working as an office secretary for a nice big company, I loved my job and made sure to enjoy it too as much as I could. One day I had the day off to relax at home, my h… Read more

Posted by dinapetro 3 days ago 2 1,656 100%

Coming Home to Mom

FetishFirst TimeTaboo

So, I suppose most girls would be a little wary of talking to their moms about sex. If you've read what went before, you know my family's a bit unusual. Mom and Dad are kind of hippyish, and they had brought us up believing that sex was natural, a thing body did. Without the weight of social shame burdening the concept, it also lost some of that illicit shine that made it so tempting. My mother had encouraged me in my decision not only to hold on to my virginity until I found someone who would make my first time special, but also when I found that someone, to go full bore. Nothing we want is e… Read more

Posted by major_91 3 days ago 3,612 100%