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Business trip a true story

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This is a true story that happened on a business trip 25 yrs ago.  I am married with 2 k**s and very deep in the closet since I've been 15 when I found my love for cock and cum,  God only knows why I got married, but back then it was the thing to do. ,  I am not a big guy either in size or cock.  I got a new job when I was in my late 30's where I traveled for 2 weeks and home for a month.  It made me happy I was able to play and not worry about getting found out.  When I traveled I either hosted in my room if I traveled alone or traveled if I… Read more

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CockSuckers don't get Kisses

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My wife, Suzy, is a great lady, 38 years old, she is gorgeous in face and body. I love her hairy pussy, which she maintains very bushy for appearance and my dining pleasure. Her black hair is beautiful on both her head and pubes. I lick and suck her sweet cunt nearly every day, and fuck her almost as often. She loves my cock, both in her mouth and in her pussy. We have a very loving marriage. We have occasionally delved into swapping, and she enjoyed another man's cock, but made sure I understood she was mine and mine alone. We have no c***dren, so entertaining these fuck parties is no big de… Read more

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Acting Class Blacken

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For as long as Allison could remember, she'd wanted to get into acting. But coming from a strict, religious family, she was discouraged from pursuing it as a career. When she was 21, she married her high school sweetheart, who wrote part-time at the local newspaper and freelanced for magazines. She worked at a temp agency and made a good living. They were happy together and had decided to wait a few years before trying for a family. Three years after the wedding, her husband Michael decided they should move to LA because he'd been offered a good job at a national publication. She was overjoye… Read more

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away from his wife

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My neighbor family never knew why Martin always asked for the private RV in the field instead of staying at the ranch house he was the manager during the summer making sure the machines worked fine and stuff we went along my job was to sell stuff at the street fruit and vegs k** of market after a hot work day i endup in the pickup truck with him , getting the tools from the fields martin was shirtless his big black torso glowing in the sunset his work pants deformed by his fat cock driving like there was nothing going on we talk about work and his wife back in montreal our job was done… Read more

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White Cougar Wife wants a BBC Blacken

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She started with the easy part, a title: "White Cougar for Young BBC". She didn't really think of herself as a "cougar". It felt a little insulting to her. But here she was placing this ad, so it was hard to deny it. So, reasonably satisfied with the title, she worked on the ad itself. After several false starts and rewrites, she had something she was happy with: "White female, looking to experience a true BBC. I just turned 40 but stay in great shape and have a strong sex drive. Sex with my husband was always a dud, I never had an orgasm any more from intercourse and he now has problems gett… Read more

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My Fantasy , Her Fantasy Cuckold

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I looked deeply into my wife's eyes. It was serious, she was on her hands and knees waiting to be taken. However, it was not by me. No, it would never be me again. She looked at me as I sat naked in the overstuffed chair by the bed, cock in hand. My tiny cock was hard as a rock in anticipation of what I was about to witness. This is what I have always wanted. My fantasy was about to come true. My deepest desire was about to be fulfilled, by watching my wife's pussy being filled by dark black Alpha Bull. She was on her hands and knees in our bed with her ass pointed upwards. Behind her was her… Read more

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BBC Good Two are Better Blacken

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After my first time with Eric on my birthday using condoms, I had sex with him many more times. We still live separately as I don't want to get married to him. We both know it's sex only. Now I am on the pill so I am letting him take me bareback and enjoying the full sensation of getting fucked by a black cock. But I never allowed him to use my anal hole. I was afraid about it. But he used to lube it and tried entering finger into it. He was successful couple of times even though I never let him fuck my hole. It was the day before new year eve i.e. 30th of December. Eric said he has organized… Read more

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I Wrecked my Wife's Pussy with BBC

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Damn! It was ruined! Would it ever be the same??? Red, swollen, stretched and gaping open. But wow was it HOT! I obeyed her as she said lick it clean but go easy I'm sore. On my knees I bathed her used pussy with my tongue. Sucking the 2 big loads of come out of her loose hole. So let me tell you how her once little pussy got this beat up. With my permission we went out with the goal of getting her fucked by another man. Wearing her fuck me heels and a short yellow sundress, we went to a hotel bar a few exits out of town. I sat in the corner while at the bar she ordered a drink. It didn't tak… Read more

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Wife's talk of BBC makes me Try One Gay

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I was so excited to tell my wife about what happened as I walked into our apartment. We had been living together for a couple of years and during that time she had told me about her black experiences. It became a ritual that once a week she would describe how she fucked and sucked black cocks both in the town we lived in and when she lived in San Francisco. Finally I would share my story with her. I was driving home from a business trip and pulled over in a truck stop for a pee. It was around 1 am in the morning and only a few big rigs were in the parking lot and one other car. I had been hol… Read more

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Honeymoon And Subsequent Escapade

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I’m Shusmit , aged now 27; handsome dark, working as a Marketing Manager. And my loving wife is 3 years junior to me in age; very beautiful to look at, endowed with a voluptuous figure (34 C/29/35), very fair in complexion, tall in height (5’7”), and a happy housewife. Ours was an arranged marriage, held only two years ago. But she’s not a Gujarati girl; She is a Telugu girl whose father ha… Read more

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The In-Laws’ Visit – Part 1

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I live with my husband in Delhi. My stats are 32-37-32. For the past 3 weak I have been having rigorous sex with my watchman, driver and gardener. Since my husband was out of the city for 1 month the driver and others used to the stay the night in my bedroom itself. We drank , partied, danced, even called hookers and had sex with them. It was turning out to be the best month of my life. We d… Read more

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My Wife Fucked By Big Black Cocks -1

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My wife has a 36-32-36 figure and fair skin. Her big booty was to die for any man. After marriage, we planned to go to the Maldives. On our way inside the flight and while making out under the quilt, I asked her if there was anything she would love to do special during the vacation. My wife replied she wanted to have the gift she got on our 4th anniversary (while dating). I started to think… Read more

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Jerome takes me in front of my hubby

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My Black Master Jerome had arranged a meeting at a dirty motel in the middle of the highway. He told me he was on his way to the airport that same night, to catch a flight abroad. Jerome said that my loving husband could be present in the room as he fucked me. Victor drove me to the motel and we arrived a bit early. He sat down on chair at a corner and I stood on my stilettos close to the filthy bed… Soon my toned long legs tensed as the door opened and my handsome Black Master entered the room. Jerome smiled at me; but he did not even give a quick glance to my husband sitting at the corner.… Read more

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Caught My Wife Cheating Blacken

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"Tomorrow is trash day!" my wife called down to me in the kitchen. "You need to get the trash out to the street." "No, problem, I'm on it." I returned to her request. I started picking up the trash room by room, in the large trash bag. When picked up the kitchen trash and dumped it into the collection bag, I got the surprise of my life. A used large condom from the middle of the kitchen trash can fell onto the floor. I picked it up, looked at it and started to call to my wife. Before a word came out of my mouth I stopped. There was no reason for there to be a condom, no less and used condom,… Read more

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Calendar Girls

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Description: A shadowy organization, the Victorian Institute of Learning, lures six British glamour model/actresses to a Caribbean island for the filming of a multiracial gang****. Content Codes: M+/F+, F/F, ****, Oral, Anal, Subtle-Voy, Inter, WS, gang, bukkake, cream, strap-on Bernie the shyster checked his watch. The helicopter from Jamaica was overdue, and threatened to throw off his entire carefully planned schedule. He sweated even in the shade, and stains formed on his expensive shirt. On the plus side, he decided, there was absolutely no way things could go as badly as they had the l… Read more

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making of cindy

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She choose me carefully from the group of boy to help her son with his grade I guess she knew her son liked little frame white boy because of his web browsing habits I got to the big house on a Saturday , Maria great me with a warm hug , got me inside and didnt loose any time i coudnt believe her she went on about her son needing to concentrate on his school and sport ''you see my son is browsing on very perticular site at night and i would prefer him asleep and not sleepy at school'' ''the thousand bucks a month is not for helping him with his school son needs someone to ,… Read more

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The Resort Part - Rachel's Odyssey

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Rachel entered the large room through two heavy wood oak doors that opened in the middle. The sign just outside the door said Spa Retreat. "It was just as the brochure had shown," she thought to herself, but only nicer. Rachel had never been to a resort before; and was surprised by the spaciousness of what she imagined a simple spa room might look like. "This room is bigger than my entire house," she said softly while standing in semi awe. She thought it reminded her of pictures she had seen of celebrity homes; or maybe something out of a magazine spread for "Architectural Digest." The room… Read more

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Ashley ~BBC WHORE ~ DAY 4

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Ashley was in the Hotel Room alone, the guys had gone to their Conference today, so while she was doing some alone time, Ashley got to thinking how much alike Elroy & Herself were, they were both attention seekers, they both liked to be the "Centre of Attention" except Ashley liked to be Humiliated & Degraded by name calling & BDSM etc. it is all part of the submissiveness in her. Ashley knows that tonight is a special event, that much she knows, it is just the fine details she isn't aware of but she will fall int… Read more

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In Sickness or In Health

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It was July 12, 2013 at 10:12 am, he was going thru the traffic light at Rt. 50 and the lights went out. Nine months later he woke up in a rehab center. When he opened his eyes Beth his wife of six years was leaning over him running her fingers thru his hair, with tears running down her face. He tried to talk but his mouth and throat were bone dry. The doctor said give him a sip of water. Tammy a Candy Striper put a cup of ice water with a straw in it up to his lips as he took a sip. He looked at his wife and said I love you Beth where am I, she tells him he was in an accident and he was in a… Read more

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He owned us Both Cuckold

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This story happened about a year after my wife Kathy and I got married. She had been an innocent college freshman when we met, I was a senior who hadn't had much luck with women throughout my undergrad, but managed to find enough courage to approach her in the psychology class we both took. She was even shyer than I was, but eventually after a few months of pursuing her I got her out on a date. A few months later and we finally had sex for the first time. It was the first time for us both, Kathy being an introvert, and having grown up in a traditional background she expected to save it until m… Read more

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