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First TimeInterracial SexMature

Some time ago while taking a college history course I was researching some of our founding fathers. While it was very interesting, it was at the same time, a bit boring. I was hoping to find some juicy details of their personal lives, but other than some offhand comments about their sexual proclivities (Ben Franklin commented to a younger friend that "all cats are grey in the dark" meaning a pussy is pussy no matter the color of the skin) and a few others that perhaps made hardly a mention in the history books. While it's well known that Thomas Jefferson had slaves, it's also surmised that he… Read more

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Anita in a pool party

MatureGroup SexLesbian Sex

When living at Miami, a couple of young guys moved next door. Soon my sweet wife learnt their names were Alex and Matt. One evening; as Ana and I went to the bed, we heard some music and noise at the neighbor’s back yard. So we sneaked through the windows. We could see our neighbors were having a night pool party; there were about six young men and a dozen of middle aged woman… They all were nude around the pool. And many women’s mouths were around hard cocks. Other ladies were being fucked everywhere… During the next two hours, every man there fucked every woman twice. We could see than mos… Read more

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wheelchair sex..... part 3


if you have not read parts 1 and 2 please do so you can follow along.....as I mentioned before this story is 100% true. as I continue with the events that occurred Nadine was having major orgasms just from being touched. her pussy was extremely wet and she was having more orgasms. her nipples were extremely hard. they were close to 1/2 inch in length. I grabbed both nipples and gave them a slight pull. this caused Nadine's body to shake as she was having an orgasm that she felt from head to toe. "you like that, don't you baby." and Nadine shook her head....this woman wanted me to pull hard on… Read more

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From My Mother, To Maid, To Slut--1


This story is about my mother. And without wasting much time let us get to the story. My mother was a very dominating female 54 years of age and quite beautiful. She is busty with 36d boobs and 38 size ass. And with sexy legs. But due to her nature, she was not able to get along with my father. After so many years of a forced alliance, they split finally. My father named one flat on her… Read more

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My wife and her massage therapist


My wife Erin is a very attractive mid-40’s ginger. 130 lbs with C-cups, a great ass and an appetite for cock that is truly insatiable. Recently Erin’s back was really sore so she booked herself into some sessions at massage therapy. She booked her appointment with the girl she used to see and when the day came she went to her appointment. When she got home later I asked how her appointment had gone and she said that it was good, but that she was surprised when she got there to find that her regular girl was off sick and a man had been substituted in. She was asked if she’d prefer to reschedu… Read more

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Group SexMatureHardcore

CHAPTER THREE: SUB/SLUT EMBRACED On the second day, James walked into the lab, “Hey, Em … like some company?” I chuckled. He and Robert were so dependable, though you would think they would trust by now that I would remember what day it was. But, predictably, he or Robert would somehow find an excuse to remind me. Tuesdays and Thursdays were the days when the house and yard help came to do their work at the estate. Those were days when I was not to be naked out and about. Nobody but us came into the lab so it was a s… Read more

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The Neighbours birthday party

MatureGroup SexHardcore

We live next door to the Chesters, and have done since I was young, and Mr and Mrs Chester are an older mature couple who are almost retired, Mr Chester works at the local car factory, and Mrs Chester is a teacher at my school. Now when it comes to birthdays Mr and Mrs Chester always throw a big bash and invite all the neighbours and their friends around, and reluctantly I've always been dragged along by my parents to attend, but as I got older I didn't have to stay all night and usually disappeared fairly early on, and now I was eighteen I was hoping to do the same this year. "Just have a cou… Read more

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small cock boy late pool time

Interracial SexAnalMature

he found it funny ,founding me in the pool naked before sleep my older black neighbor suddenly appearing in my backyard smilling ''taking a dip before sleep boy'' ''yeah Frank, i tought no one could see me from the alley'' ''oh no one can, what are you naked boy?'' looking at frank undress ''can i join you? its been a hot day , only if its ok'' shaking my head yes nervously my hearth pounding his fat black cock dangling between his legs getting in the pool ''damn so refreshing i like to dip naked too, i wish i had a pool'' ''your parents are gone for the weekend? right must be nic… Read more

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A hard black cock in the back seat

MatureInterracial SexVoyeur

That night we were coming back from a dinner invitation made by some close friends. I was very horny, since my loving hubby had not fucked me in a whole week. So, in the darkness of the highway, I slipped my hand through his crotch and found Victor’s growing erection. But he smiled and took my hand off, saying he had thought something naughty for me. As we got off the highway, my husband parked the car for a minute and asked me to move to the back seat. I was a bit intrigued, but I did as ordered… Then Victor made a U turn and he pulled up by a bus stop. I heard he called some guy who was wai… Read more

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Me and my daughter


I am in love with my daughter. No, not the “I am a carrying parent” version of it. We are a couple, since let me think, about six, seven years. We live together. Behave like every other couple. I am the old fart, she is young and gorgeous. It isn’t something to be proud of. You cannot tell anyone what you really are. So, how did it came to that forbidden relationship? Was it my dream to hammer my dick into my little girl? Never. But it is what I do. And I admit it, I like doing it. I like fucking my own daughter. And she likes making out with her father. It all started about two decades ago.… Read more

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Village Of The Damned – Part 1


When I opened my eyes, I could hear the sound coming from outside. I could make out few words of the song-“Mera jawani ka maja lo..mere ang jal jaye…”.I could hear cheers outside. I looked at the room and try to recollect how I came here.I was feeling very weak and my head was spining.I went up from the bed and try to look outside. I can see from the window opening few men dancing in the t… Read more

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The Leading Lady

TabooMatureGroup Sex

Veena, a 38 years old management consultant had been the centre of attraction in her new society and office ever since she has shifted to her flat in the new city (could be any). Her age had not taken toll over her body, it had rather contributed in making her ripen and excellent piece of nature’s creative to add to this her dressing had made her an even more desired commodity. She was married… Read more

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Grannies need loving too

MatureTabooFirst Time

I recently had an affair with my grandmother. I know it, don’t judge me. She lived in a distant city and was visiting my family for about a week when it happened. It was nice to see her again and listen while she told stories about the family during the years I was growing up. Grandfather had died a few years earlier so Mom and Dad often invited her to visit us and stay a few days. During this particular visit, Mom and Dad had to attend a special social obligation one evening. Mom asked me to stay with grandmother that evening to keep her company. I agreed, but I preferred hanging out with m… Read more

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Mother and Daughter with BBC

Interracial SexMatureTaboo

Mother and Daughter with BBC I split from my husband on when I turned 50. To be totally honest best thing I ever did. About 6 months later my Daughter bless her decided I needed some fun. She was 24 at the time. She is hot really hot. She has straightened long blonde hair. 5ft 10 Size 12 with a C cup chest. Slender tanned sexy body. She is extremely attractive with green eyes that guys melt in. Be unlucky for men who want to be with her. Shes not the relationship type. She phoned me up and said to meet her at a property she manages at 1 o clock. Also to dress up nice. I meet her there she is… Read more

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My Stepsister Hailey P2


After having fucked my beautiful stepsister I really didn't know what to say or do for the rest of the day, it was amazing, and I did enjoy it, mainly because she had a beautiful tanned slim body, and her pussy was so wet and warm when it rode my cock, but she was still my stepsister and now I was really confused. Then eventually it was time for dinner, and my stepmother had made a big family meal to celebrate my stepsister coming home, and so I took my seat at the table beside my stepmother and tried to forget what had happened. However it wasn't easy when Hailey strolled into the dining room… Read more

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It's VEGAS Baby Pt1


It was the fall of 1968, Mom asked me if I would like to go to Las Vegas with her and Patty, I was like 'Does a bear shit in the woods?' OF COURSE, I wanted to go. I had just turned 18 a couple months earlier, and was aware that I wouldn't be able to gamble, but it was, VEGAS, BABY. I asked when, and was told that we were going for a convention of dentists, that was to be in town on Friday through Tuesday. "DENTISTS?, Mom? You having tooth problems?" She laughed and said "No, that they are a group that likes to party when away from home." I just smiled and said "When are we leaving?" It was… Read more

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Doing things I shouldn't \ Two older ladies


This is the second part following the story "Doing things I shouldn't \ What should I call". The 'What should I call' is a typing error by the way. I was going to use a name that's too long. You can find it here. http://xhamster.com/stories/doing-things-i-shouldnt-what-should-i-call-931319 . The events I am telling about here are an adventure in their own right. You can read it as a standalone if you want, you're not missing too much context. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I… Read more

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Story help


Our long overdue vacation ( On behalf of a couple who follow my stories, I was asked to write this for them having been sent key words ( and images deleted for this post). Having missed our vacation last year Anne and I (John) decided we needed to get away from our every day to day routine and just chill besides a pool at a luxurious resort, Anne said I should choose where we went but it had to be smart and somewhere hot. Browsing on-line I found what I thought would be perfect and told Anne we were all booked and would be going to Jamaica and leave in three weeks, Anne asked to see where we… Read more

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The Palmer’s and friends have needs


Part 1 Mr and Mrs Palmer have been neighbours of mine for at least three years. She dressed conservatively was pleasant and must be in her mid seventies and her husband, Stan, late seventies, I would guess. They were both still active and they were always friendly and often I used to do odd jobs around their bungalow. The only thing strange about them was that about once a month an old guy used to visit, stay overnight and then leave. However, I had not seen him for the past three months. Now, not in my wildest imagination did I think this old couple were sexual in any way. But they definite… Read more

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Graham Parker's Mother (Fiction based on Sand


Taking the key had scared me. First of all I’d been shit-scared of being caught; anyone could have seen me loitering around the front of the house, one of the neighbours might have watched me lift the plant pot next the front step and take the key from its hiding place, but I was relying on the fact that I was well known on that street, since I was a regular visitor, not to arouse suspicion. Another reason for my worry was that even while I knew I was doing wrong, I still did it anyway. This thing had ballooned out of control – my obsession for Graham Parker’s mother had crossed the border int… Read more

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