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Taboo Porn Stories

Snow White ,s Secret

TabooFetishLesbian Sex

I am Mia. This is based on a true story. The summer sun shone upon my skin as the sun in the lake near my cabin. The cabin was said to be haunted.(* from the1800,s)* I felt amazing in the water. My skin shone from the sun. My pale skin glisning hard. Sparkled white pale from the summer sun.. The cool water dripping down my skin.. from a distance I saw my aunt kim. Watching me. With a devilish look. Her eyes upon me glisning.. i saw her pulsate eying me. Entering the cabin I prepared for a quiet night of reading and rest. ... little did I know the night,s turn.. i fell fell into a… Read more

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Dad's Little Room - Part 7 (Final)

Gay MaleTabooHardcore

By Q12Dad Original write and publish date: submitted May 22, 1998 Categories: Family Fun While Nick was driving home he thought about what he had just done with his grandfather and it made him hot again. He reached down to his crotch while he was driving and rubbed his cock through his jeans. He pictured his grandfather's hard cock rubbing against his own smearing their precum all over each others cocks. He had to unzip his pants and let his now hardening cock out. It was rock hard as he pulled his pants open and he started stroking himself while driving. God, it felt so good! especially wh… Read more

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wheelchair sex..... part 3


if you have not read parts 1 and 2 please do so you can follow along.....as I mentioned before this story is 100% true. as I continue with the events that occurred Nadine was having major orgasms just from being touched. her pussy was extremely wet and she was having more orgasms. her nipples were extremely hard. they were close to 1/2 inch in length. I grabbed both nipples and gave them a slight pull. this caused Nadine's body to shake as she was having an orgasm that she felt from head to toe. "you like that, don't you baby." and Nadine shook her head....this woman wanted me to pull hard on… Read more

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Breeding My Family's Filipino Maid

Interracial SexFetishTaboo

I lay awake naked on my bed, staring up at the ceiling in the dark. We were going through another blackout and the air conditioning was dead. The sweltering Bangkok heat was unbearable, even in the middle of the night. I couldn't sleep anyway; I was a few months over 18 and my near-uncontrollable sex drive had no outlet. My big cock was a steel pipe that I gripped and pumped in my hand, lubed up with a palm of spit. I was frustrated; I was a good-looking white k** from a well-off American expatriate family. I went to a private international high with the sons and daughters of diplomats and r… Read more

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From My Mother, To Maid, To Slut--1


This story is about my mother. And without wasting much time let us get to the story. My mother was a very dominating female 54 years of age and quite beautiful. She is busty with 36d boobs and 38 size ass. And with sexy legs. But due to her nature, she was not able to get along with my father. After so many years of a forced alliance, they split finally. My father named one flat on her… Read more

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Bi Girl Parties... The evolution...


So after we finished college, we moved out of that metropolitan area to a more rural area. The swinger scene was much, much less than we were used to. We quickly began to try to connect with like minded people on swinger websites. We found bi girl "Meet and greet" that was simply not the same. One time we met at a popular bar, complete with swingers and vanillas. Any time Drea kissed a girl, a bunch of drunk guys swarmed trying to dicktate (yes I misspelled that on purpose) for them to do more. Our "private bar area" ended up having several single vanilla horny guys who just wanted a glimpse s… Read more

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One Family's Awakening - Chapter 16

AnalTabooGroup Sex

Angie decided the party needed to move out to the pool area. Don had a six foot privacy fence installed, but that didn't help a lot since several of the neighbors had decks off the second floor of their homes. Still, she believed everyone was away for the holidays and, if not, she really didn't give a fuck if the neighbors watched anyway. They only had an "over the fence" acquaintance with most of them, so why care? Susan was so enamored with her first two cock experience that she decided to stay. She called her husband and said she had another party, sales were good, and she would be home a… Read more

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My wife and her massage therapist


My wife Erin is a very attractive mid-40’s ginger. 130 lbs with C-cups, a great ass and an appetite for cock that is truly insatiable. Recently Erin’s back was really sore so she booked herself into some sessions at massage therapy. She booked her appointment with the girl she used to see and when the day came she went to her appointment. When she got home later I asked how her appointment had gone and she said that it was good, but that she was surprised when she got there to find that her regular girl was off sick and a man had been substituted in. She was asked if she’d prefer to reschedu… Read more

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S'wrong Son - Part 2


Not able to afford to stand there for very long in case he turned on the light, and with my heart thumping so hard that I was sure that they could hear it. I quickly and quietly, before the noises died down totally, made my exit from the room, opening the door as little as possible and then, after sliding through, pulling it behind me quickly, and as quietly as I could. Trying not to make any noise, I stood outside for a few seconds to see if they'd heard me, when Dad said. "What was that?" "Nothing Rich, what did you hear?" "I saw a light, what was it?" "I didn't see anything, you must… Read more

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Energy Being


Whether your religious, spiritual or an atheist, one thing you cannot deny is that energy is a real thing. Scientifically its been proven, but have you ever found yourself using it in your everyday language? For example, "I like their vibe," "I'm feeling really energetic today." We both are spiritual ourselves, believing in the idea that we are all connected, and if you take the time to breathe, meditate and observe, the connection begins to unfold that we are as powerful as the universe. A good show that we recently watched is "one strange rock" on netflix, which really helps in showing an u… Read more

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Lena - my little fucktoy PART 2


“Where is she?”…Carl looked troubled when I returned to the bar “Oh, she is getting used by a lady who came in upon us” is said matter-of-factly.. ”Frankly, I sold her for 15 minutes” and with this said, I put the two 500 Kronas on the table from which I pushed one over to him. “I think it´s fair if we share her money” I chuckled looking him carefully in the face. I think he liked the situation per se, but would have loved to be controlling it, not watching from the sideline as he had to do now. We ordered one Martini each and sat there in a sort of awkward silence. When Lena appeared, she… Read more

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a surprise!


Our chemistry was no match for a blindfold. We've read each others bodies since our first encounter. Anticipating the next step like a seasoned fighters clashing, This day was strange from the start. I had never anticipated seeing you behind that hotel room door. You are amazing, as dangerous as you are inviting. You can be deceptive, but i can never say no to your touch. My mission has been to please you, and i've done well. That afternoon in that hotel room was a first for me. My most loyal friend Fabio has been my business partner whom I've shared everything with. He knew about you. He kne… Read more

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Losing my virginity, a true story

First TimeTabooMasturbation

This really happened. Giselle was French, fit, beautiful in a Bridget Bardot way, blonde, 26 years old and married. I was still at school, a teenager. I was using my summer holidays to earn money and gain work and life experience working as a waiter in a hotel in Bournemouth. Giselle and her husband were guests in the hotel and I was asked by the head waiter to be their waiter because I spoke a little French. They could speak virtually no English. They were so happy that they had found someone who could just about get by in French and it became a joy to serve at their table every meal time. We… Read more

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BDSMTabooLesbian Sex

I stayed at Cait's place till the end of the week and we figured her mom and dad hadn't noticed anything missing from their closet because they didn't say anything and they were cool and Cait and I had a lot of fun with the toy, and then on Friday afternoon I told them I should be going home and Cait's mom said she could take me because she was heading out anyway so I said “Cool, thanks” and I went to my room to get my things and Cait went with me and I packed my bag and then Cait and I kissed and she grabbed my ass and she had her tongue in my mouth when her mom walked in. And Cait practical… Read more

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Me and my daughter


I am in love with my daughter. No, not the “I am a carrying parent” version of it. We are a couple, since let me think, about six, seven years. We live together. Behave like every other couple. I am the old fart, she is young and gorgeous. It isn’t something to be proud of. You cannot tell anyone what you really are. So, how did it came to that forbidden relationship? Was it my dream to hammer my dick into my little girl? Never. But it is what I do. And I admit it, I like doing it. I like fucking my own daughter. And she likes making out with her father. It all started about two decades ago.… Read more

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Village Of The Damned – Part 1


When I opened my eyes, I could hear the sound coming from outside. I could make out few words of the song-“Mera jawani ka maja lo..mere ang jal jaye…”.I could hear cheers outside. I looked at the room and try to recollect how I came here.I was feeling very weak and my head was spining.I went up from the bed and try to look outside. I can see from the window opening few men dancing in the t… Read more

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The Leading Lady

TabooMatureGroup Sex

Veena, a 38 years old management consultant had been the centre of attraction in her new society and office ever since she has shifted to her flat in the new city (could be any). Her age had not taken toll over her body, it had rather contributed in making her ripen and excellent piece of nature’s creative to add to this her dressing had made her an even more desired commodity. She was married… Read more

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Weekend in Vegas

TabooVoyeurGroup Sex

A few months back, my wife and I went to Vegas to see a show and have some fun. We flew out Thursday so we could catch a Friday show. We got to the hotel, threw our bags down and headed out for dinner. During dinner I kept ordering drinks for my wife. She loses her inhibitions when she gets tipsy and she knew exactly what I was up to. She knew that whatever it was would feel good so she kept drinking. I told her we were going to an adult store to look at things that might be fun that night. She laughed and said, I'm ready. So we hopped in a cab and headed to a place I found on the internet. Ma… Read more

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Grannies need loving too

MatureTabooFirst Time

I recently had an affair with my grandmother. I know it, don’t judge me. She lived in a distant city and was visiting my family for about a week when it happened. It was nice to see her again and listen while she told stories about the family during the years I was growing up. Grandfather had died a few years earlier so Mom and Dad often invited her to visit us and stay a few days. During this particular visit, Mom and Dad had to attend a special social obligation one evening. Mom asked me to stay with grandmother that evening to keep her company. I agreed, but I preferred hanging out with m… Read more

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Mother and Daughter with BBC

Interracial SexMatureTaboo

Mother and Daughter with BBC I split from my husband on when I turned 50. To be totally honest best thing I ever did. About 6 months later my Daughter bless her decided I needed some fun. She was 24 at the time. She is hot really hot. She has straightened long blonde hair. 5ft 10 Size 12 with a C cup chest. Slender tanned sexy body. She is extremely attractive with green eyes that guys melt in. Be unlucky for men who want to be with her. Shes not the relationship type. She phoned me up and said to meet her at a property she manages at 1 o clock. Also to dress up nice. I meet her there she is… Read more

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