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I was not supposed to do that

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It was going to be my first time being shared by two men. I had been looking for this to be set up for a long time and now it was finally going to happen. This guy who I had been chatting with found another man that had the same interests of banging a CD all night. I was so grateful to the him for finding someone I promised him I would let him have me to himself as a reward and he could have me first. We planned on meeting a week from the time he told me about the other man. The other man emailed me to confirm that was going to happen with a photo and kind words. During the weeks prior to thi… Read more

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Sweaty Threesome


One day, my office played in a softball tournament. We had men and women on the team. Spouses were invited to play and my friend Paul and his wife Samantha were playing. Sam was fucking hot and I had always had a crush on her. Sam was 5’2 and 150 pounds of thick thighs and ass. She wore some blue shorts that fit snugly to her large butt. Her shirt was a green tank top that exposed her tender cleavage and her supple c-cup tits. The sleeves were cut off and about half of the shirt was cut down. She wore high socks above her knees and had playfully applied some black paint below her eyes. Her sho… Read more

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CHAPTER EIGHT: Instead of my eyes tracking Bo’s aggressive movement to the left, however, I was faced, literally, with the growling, fang-baring snarl of a desperate female wolf. Separated by only 2 feet, I was staring face-to-face, eye-to-eye, with the pup’s mother! I was sympathetic, but I was far more pragmatic. I understood the mother’s wanting her young. But, I knew the young wolf would die of hypothermia, its young body would be no match for warding off its severely dropping core temperature. I had just risked… Read more

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CHAPTER NINE: It didn’t take me long to fully bring the other wolves into our world and to accept them as family. Bo and I had survived and, indeed, thrived in our half year or so in this land. I felt content and adjusted with only Bo as my companion. He provided a measure of security and companionship beyond our sexual relationship, which had matured beyond the titillation of the taboo of human mated by canine. The other wolves brought a different feeling with them. It changed the relationship between Bo and me slig… Read more

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CHAPTER SEVEN: The inevitable morning surprise finally arrived. The hide door to the shelter was stuck by the arrival of a fresh, fluffy 6 inches of snow. I was more than ever thankful for that moment on the mountain pass when I accepted fully that my life encompassed a world without the comforts and options of civilization. The time preparing for the elements of winter was long and hard, it led to not only being prepared for the harshness of winter, but a different life structure evolved that was already comfortable… Read more

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fantasy and desires 2


Hello everyone I come again with another story part two of asking for fantasy desire.... if you've been keeping up with our stories stories between NPHW and my self.. you know our history what happened how and when where the before and after.. so to continue with this story in this case titled “ THREE IN ONE ” involving my my “ NPHW ” hubby, Shelley and my self.. as you all know they had something going when he was very young such as we did and do now.. well as you know she came looking for him and well we had something for a weekend then he went back to see her and had something with her fo… Read more

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Do not give up hope


This took place about 15 years ago. My wife and I had discussed and tried several times to have another guy join us but it never quite worked out as we had thought it would have. Either we were interrupted, the other guy was to drunk to perform or there just was not the rite chemistry between my wife and the other male. Our first several attempts took place over about a 2 year period with a couple different friends of ours. The first friend of mine we tried twice with but he had drank to much before both times and couldn’t keep it up or he passed out while getting a blow job. The second friend… Read more

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fantasy and desires


Hello fellow writers readers, porn lovers. I cum again to you with one more story as some know my history of my love affair with who is now my husband which we’ve been together since was 18 well now to speed up a bit. but if you don't know what this whole situation is about read my other stories. This story Shelley as you know came looking for my husband “ if you will”...anyhow when she came we had a heated passionate weekend as she did with when he went to see her after her showing up in our house. Ok.... As some know I am bisexual committed to him well the problem is that although I’ve… Read more

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White Boy Becomes a BBC Sissy - Chapter Two

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Chapter Two - Dominick's Plan I lay there on all fours, butt still gaped open, staring at its picture on his phone. I was getting used to this feeling of shame, embarrassment, and arousal at his objectification and domination of me with each humiliating thing he subjected me to. I didn't know it, but my soft, bare dick was beginning to leak pre-cum. "Here's what's going to happen today, sissy boy. I know you have more girly clothing and shit like that at home. You don't just show up at someone's house with a pair of panties on and a butt plug in without having more stuff at home. Get up, p… Read more

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Football Sex Party part 2

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You should read Part 1 before continuing. As I was in the bathroom washing myself from cum that was still dripping out of my pussy, Jocko knocked on the door to see if I was alright. I guess I was in there a long time. When I came out, there was a large, fat, white guy waiting for me. He must have been 6’6” with a lot of blubber. He looked like a massive walrus with no chin and a huge hairy fat body. He looked at me and with a deep voice bellowed, “Wow Jocko! This filly is real a looker! And you want only 2 bills to fuck her. Oh yeah! I’m in!” Then in a whisper voice he asked, “So Doll what’… Read more

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Fertility Down: Chapter 2. Viable

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Chapter 2: Viable We all went to a diner. At first we didn’t talk much, but eventually we started joking around. Dan seemed to be a little better. That was the thing about the whole situation, very few people expected to be fertile, so it was a little bit of an easier blow after a little while. Especially after you sit down in a public place like the diner. There was a lot of couples and friends, and literally no c***dren. And something like that probably helped Dan. He knew he was in the same boat as the vast majority of men in the world. So it wasn’t a black mark on himself, but a type of… Read more

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Visit with Aunt Vicky Ch. 3

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That night was a bit awkward as Aunt Vicky and I ate dinner alone together. Brigette was out with friends again or something that night. Vicky and I just made small talk during the meal, neither of us brought up the issue of i****t. I certainly didn't tell her about fucking Brigette that morning. To be honest though, my dick did get hard several times throughout dinner as I looked across the table at Vicky, admiring her gigantic rack, and remembering what her face looked like covered in my cum. That night after Vicky went to bed I decided to stay up late and watch a porno on Cinemax. I sat on… Read more

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I thought she was Her Mother...

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My mature, voluptuous, friend of nearly 30 years, Hips, and I. Were on day three of my 4 day visit! Her brother, Bold, had left two days ago! And, I was still reeling over the crazy night we had had together! Hips and I, were fucking any and every chance we could get after that first wild night! Luckily, Hips, was retired and her k**s, A & B, were both living their own lives! Her, estranged, husband was off doing his own thing! B, the boy, was in the military. Serving a tour in Europe. He was very disappointed when he heard I was visiting his parents! And, he wouldn't get the chance to… Read more

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How I became a BBC WHORE

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My name is Deanna and I am the luckiest girl alive. But let me explain a few things about me I’m 43 years old but look pretty damn good for my age I’m not skinny im chubby with red hair and C cup tits and with a ghetto booty as boys keep telling me which im proud of especially being white lol. Anyways alot of ppl have judged me for this but I was engaged to a man that I had been with for 5 years and I ended up cheating on him with someone I worked with it was meant to be a one time deal especially with him being nearly 20 years younger than me but we fell inlove so I broke it off and agreed t… Read more

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Out Of Africa, Chapter 32

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A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van, Satinlvr and Wunderboi ****** A few years had passed since the coming of Rhino Industries to America and the establishment of their Headquarters in Hawksville on the Eastern Seaboard. From small beginnings the company under the guidance of their CEO, South African Oskar Botha, had gone from strength-to-strength and their products had become much admired and coveted. Their mobile phone bought not only the latest communication technology but it came with hidden features which although not readily apparent at the time of purchase would… Read more

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Mother Changed As slut By Our Relative-2


As I decided to help my uncle, he said if you corporate with me, follow my orders and maintain this secret you can have full fun with your mom. His words make me hard. I want my mom at any cost. May:- Shall we sneak into your parents bed room? Me:- No uncle, I am scared May:- Don’t worry. I am with you. Come on Me:- Ok. That moment we can feel the footsteps of mom moving into her room f… Read more

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Mother Changed As slut By Our Relative-3

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( As I am waiting outside, I heard the sound in mobile… please leave my hands Mayura… ow leave me.. leave me….) May :- Come to bedroom Mom:- No, leave me. I will complain to my hubby… leave me.. leave me… ( I just moved into home in my toe. Time is around 2.45 p.m. ) The sound is from our room. I placed the vegetable bag in the table without making any noise and hiding at the doorstep. I… Read more

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Mother Changed As slut By Our Relative-4

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Thank you so much my dear friends for your instant feedback. As I said you, we met uncle Mayura in a party in our capital city, from that day he lusted for my mother, I started helping him and finally he did cuddling with mom. He had already rubbed his dick in my birthplace, Mother’s pussy. Mom too enjoyed it a lot. But unfor… Read more

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Taking Mom in front of Dad


This story would be best you could ever read. This story is absolutely real but I cannot reveal my identity. Well I am 21 years old guy I am s/w engineer and recently completed my engineering. In my family there is my papa, mom, and me. Papa is a project manager in ONGC and he always lives on sites of drillings like in tripur… Read more

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Mother Changed As slut By Our Relative-1

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This is Raju here. This is the first time i am writing a story. If any fault in this story please excuse me. And this is a real incident happened in my life. I am from a very cultural part in Sri Lanka. I am a Tamil person. My city is known as the head of culture in the world. I assume that you all know very well about our Tamil culture and Tamil girls and also their dressing styles, behavior, their religious aspects, relationship between husband and wife a… Read more

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